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We apply intelligence to people who talk to people

When people make decisions based on data, effectiveness and assertiveness are guaranteed, opportunities arise, customers are satisfied and goals are achieved.

Our technology, iSA – Intelligent Sales Advisor, emerged to empower salespeople throughout the sales cycle, support sales managers and supervisors in team management and boost sales results for companies around Brazil and the world.

History of N3urons

N3urons, a startup that applies innovative technologies in the sales process, called SalesTech, was founded by André Oliveira and Nelson Marques, in 2019 with the mission of empowering salespeople and enhancing the sales results of thousands of businesses around Brazil. and the world. Both came together to create iSA – Intelligent Sales Advisor. An innovative solution that emerged with the aim of supporting human potential.

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N3urons Culture and People

The culture we are building at N3urons is focused on driving and empowering people through technology. Our focus is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and employees, promoting a better user experience.

Focus on multidisciplinary teams

We promote a diverse and receptive environment to serve people from all regions of Brazil. The multidisciplinary team at N3urons aims at continuous improvement for our customers and employees.

Commitment to people

N3urons' biggest commitment is to ensure the empowerment of people, whether customers or employees. Trust and transparency are the basis for a strong and ethical culture that will lead N3urons towards internationalization.

Artificial intelligence

In addition to helping people sell more and better, we are shaping the future of business with artificial intelligence applied to the sales team, with technology such as Machine Learning, Big Data and Analytics, providing real-time data and accurate insights for assertive decision making, enhancing results and expanding sales possibilities.

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We are always pushing people

The success of our users and customers is essential. We are committed to empowering people through technology. We create new solutions to empower and increase the performance of sales teams.

Our artificial intelligence, iSA, is much more than a sales force or any other kind of technology. She works as a Personal Trainer to accompany, help and empower salespeople throughout the sales cycle.

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